Producing quality journalism is at the heart of what we do.

It’s what we’ve been doing for over 150 years. We are proud to be a part of many New Zealand communities, telling the stories that really matter to them and through our newspapers, magazines and websites, we reach more than three and a half million Kiwis every month.

But we are changing.

We are no longer just a media company. Stuff is focused on creating digital products and services that we believe Kiwis will love. Like Neighbourly, which brings neighbourhoods together; energyclubnz, which provides electricity at no markup cost; or Stuff Fibre, which provides fast broadband across the country with New Zealand-based customer service.

Our Purpose
Helping Kiwis Connect and Thrive in their Communities

We want to help Kiwis connect and thrive in their communities by connecting more Kiwis with the stuff that matters, the stuff they love and the stuff that brings us together, every day.

We are dedicated to being a credible, diverse voice for all New Zealanders. We will uphold our editorial principles of integrity and independence. We are committed to producing quality journalism, and we will hold the powerful to account, whether they run the country or a small town. In everything we do ' from news to new services ' we will actively champion a thriving culture for all New Zealanders. Where we can, we will not be shy about taking a stand for what is right.

That means doing our bit to help the environment. It means raising money to save a beach from overseas investors. It means championing equal rights for all Kiwis ' from pay parity for women to the Marriage Amendment Bill. It means confronting social evils, such as child abuse with our Faces of Innocents campaign. It means uniting communities to eradicate wasps that are destroying our land. It means celebrating inspiring women at our Women of Influence event. It means bringing neighbourhoods back together through Neighbourly. It means offering a better deal or providing our audience and customers with better products and services, such as Stuff Fibre, Stuff Pix or TruBid. It means connecting Kiwis with the stuff we know they’ll love through mags4gifts or Homed.

Stuff was recognised as Website of the Year at the Voyager Media Awards in Auckland in 2018, an honour it shares with joint winner

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